Timing Is Everything.

Poutine Your Mouth was conceived a couple of years ago from a discussion to bring Poutine home after enjoying the delicious food 6 times in one day at the Osheaga Festival in Montreal Canada.  It didn't happen that year.  Timing is everything.   After attending Osheaga in 2013 the Poutine Your Mouth concept evolved, and as circumstances developed the timing was right!


Both Ted & Jen are passionate about everything they do.

From creating, inventing, meeting new people, interacting and experiencing, their curiosity is refreshing, and energy magnetic. Constantly pushing and challenging each other and questioning and accepting all that cross their path; one thing is for certain that experiences will always be authentic and likely extremely fun and crazy!

So it only makes sense! Take the show on the road!  Don't quit the day job, take Poutine Your Mouth to festivals and events across the US, and serve amazing simple addictive food. Most important, have fun!!!

Ted & Jen enjoy picturesque Salt Lake City, UT as home base. For the past two and a half years, the self-proclaimed fun-havers have been on a life adventure. Tumble weeding through cities such as New York, San Diego, Paris, Montreal, and Playa Del Carmen to name a few. Though these locations are vastly different the consistent themes include dancing, music festivals, amazing food, and so many cosmic adventures.