Lopez! It’s Monday March 23rd and we are open in the Village from 11-3PM. We c...

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10 days ago

Lopez! It’s Monday March 23rd and we are open in the Village from 11-3PM. We continue to serve our locals who need us.

Keep your immunity up with today’s specials:
Drink - Quarantini: Organic Lemon, Lime, and Orange wedges with a packet of Emergen-C, a little organic sweetener and soda. That’s over 1000MG of vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals.

Breakfast Burger - 100% hormone free Angus patty, local egg, bacon, peanut butter and maple. Just trust me on the peanut butter. I’d never lead you astray. This one is packed with protein and iron also to boost your red blood cells for infection fighting.

Pre-order the following family meals or freezer fillers today, call 385-267-7756 or Email [email protected]:
Soup options:
1. Chowder
2. Butternut Squash, with carrot, apple, ginger
3. Classic Chili, (the one I made for the Lobos Booster)
4. Korean Beef
5. Lamb Curry
6. Chicken Satay

All come with an organic salad, Holly B’s rolls. Portions for 2, 4 or 6.

Call for delivery or to have your order ready for pickup. 385-267-7756

Also, pre-order the regular menu by 6PM Tuesday and Wednesday for delivery only Wednesday and Thursday when we typically are closed.

Dr. Jerry’s sweet wife made us masks so we can stay healthy. So if you see us wearing a mask, please know we are just protecting ourselves and loved ones. We will continue to stay open to serve you all as long as it makes sense, and we are allowed. Please let us know if you have any concerns or how we can better serve you.

We are all in this together! We LOVE our community, and appreciate all our farmers and producers for supplying amazing ingredients.

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@lopez_islandwa (at Poutine Your Mouth)