Lopez, we remain open to serve our community offering togo, DELIVERY and now pre...

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9 days ago

Lopez, we remain open to serve our community offering togo, DELIVERY and now pre-order Family Meals and Freezer Fillers. 385-267-7756

It’s important that we all do our part as a community to stay well, stay home, and keep those around us well. How can you help? Sponsor a front line worker:
Pharmacy Worker, Grocery Worker, Clinic workers Doctors and Nurses, First responders - Deputy’s, Fire Department, EMTs - call and order food, let us deliver, or go online to www.poutineyourmouth.com and purchase a gift certificate, or order them Freezer fillers or family meals. After the long days of work, they don’t feel like cooking.

When you support us, you also support our local farmers and producers. We are all in this together.

Today is Farm to Taco Tuesday March 24th from 11-3 next to @psrpaperscissors
Soft shell taco from @littleearthtortilleria or fried hard shell. Asian Beef from @stonecrestfarm or Veggie over Cuban black beans. All tacos served with organic side salad greens and kale from @derekeisel #watmoughbayfarm
$5 each with salad or 3 for $14 with salad.

Drink - Quarantini: organic lemon, lime, orange wedge, organic sweetener, Emergen-C and soda water. Boost immunity with vitamin C and minerals.

#healthy #immunity #food #survival #local #organic #community #love #support

All of the family meals are pre-order and come with Holly B’s French Rolls and an amazing organic side salad.
1. Clam Chowder for 2 $20, for 4 $35, for 6 $45
2. Butternut Squash Soup with carrot, apple, ginger 2 $20, for 4 $35, for 6 $45
3. Classic Chili, (the one I made for the Lobos Booster) 2 $30, for 4 $40, for 6 $50
4. Korean Beef with Rice 2 $30, for 4 $40, for 6 $50
5. Lamb Curry with Rice 2 $30, for 4 $40, for 6 $50
6. Chicken Satay with Rice 2 $30, for 4 $40, for 6 $50
(at Poutine Your Mouth)